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Everyone can add a Freifunk link to their website or support our campaigns.

In addition to the expansion of the free wireless network, public relations and information are important to us. We want to get politicians and society in general to gain a greater understanding of digital communication networks as the freedom and openness of these same networks are threatened by ignorance and vulnerable to abuse by lobbyists.

Freifunk is fighting against the german “Störerhaftung” (Breach of Duty of Care)

Together with other civil society organisations we inform about the legal issues, give background information and highlight common problems when using open and free wifi community networks.

What you can do to help us:

  • Inform yourself, your friends, acquaintances and relatives about the problem of secondary liability laws.
  • Ask your MP whether they are aware of the problem and what they propose to do to address this issue. Write emails to them directly or go to citizen consultations provided by the local MP office.
  • Design a logo or banner with the campaign slogan ” Freifunk instead of fear ” that can be embedded into blogs and websites to increase the awareness of this problematic legislation.
  • Find your local Community and install your own free WI-FI router.
  • Support the campaign by the Förderverein Freie Netzwerke e.V. at with your donation.

Freifunk supports the global campaign against mass surveillance

We Freifunker champion free network infrastructures and support the global campaign against mass surveillance. Not only since the activities of NSA and GCHQ have become public, is it obvious that state controlled surveillance is boundless. We have been working on free WLAN networks for over 10 years. These would make surveillance much more difficult, being decentralised. But technical solutions alone will not reestablish the right to privacy and data protection.

What you can do:

The Real Web – Let’s Create a Neutral Web

In a neutral web, data is transported from A to B without looking into the content. There einem neutralen Netz transportieren die Knoten und Anbieter die Daten ohne Ansehen des Inhaltes von A nach B. Es gibt keine Rangfolge, welche Daten mit höherer Priorität weitergeleitet oder gedrosselt werden.

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