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How to join us?

Youd do like our goals and want to enjoy free wireless community networks? We are delighted! There are so many ways to contribute to your initiative, so lets get started!

  • Everyone can add a Freifunk link to their website or support our campaigns. More

  • Find and contact the community next to you. Ask them how you can help and set up a Freifunk router at your home. More

  • Do you want to create a new Freifunk community? Here are some tips to get you started. More

How you can help us to spread the word:

  • Creative people and designers can help to design labels, flyers, websites, applications, t-shirts or anything
  • We need people who help to write the articles, take photographs, translate or produce videos.
  • DIY’ers, programmers and administration people, who can help maintaining the hardware, firmware, and services or people who are able to develop or invent new applications for the community network.
  • Free networkers can offer their own services and can post them up on the Freifunk website.

Freifunkers are open to new ideas. They support each other, learn from each other and collaborate to allow the free networks to grow both socially and technically.

If you want to help us, do not hesitate to contact us.