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What is Freifunk about?

freifunk is a non-commercial initiative for free wireless networks.


More and more people are single-handedly installing and maintaining free networks. Every user in the free wireless network provides his or her wireless LAN router for data transfer to other participants. In return, he or she can also transmit data, such as text, music and movies through a free internal network or use services setup by participants to chat, call or play online games. We use mesh networks.

Many also share their internet access and allow others to use it to access the World Wide Web. Free wireless are DIY-networks. We use our own freifunk firmware a special Linux distribution, on our WLAN routers.

Local communities provide software adapted to their own needs and then on their websites. There are more and more free wireless groups that meet regularly access in villages and cities.

The freifunk community is part of a global movement for free infrastructure and open frequencies. Our vision is the democratization of the media through free networks. Free wireless communities implement this idea worldwide.

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