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Our Vision

The vision of freifunk is distributing free networks, to democratize the communication infrastructure and promoting social structures locally.


On a local level, many free wireless initiatives increasingly represent an alternative to commercial network providers. These free wireless networks offer a public space where free content can be distributed.

  • What would it be like if everyone could communicate online with everyone, without a logging into a company owned website?
  • What would it be like, if we were in control of our own news, movies, music, radio stations, blogs, image services, and so much more without relying on a central commercial provider?

We don’t need commercial providers, to talk to each other out in the streets or public places. We don‘t need to pay through advertisement or fees to show our friends films at home… Instead of having to choose between a few commercial providers, participants can interact in free networks, just as they do in public spaces. Participants have the opportunity to operate services and offer them to others in these free networks. Such an approach diametrically opposes exclusive structures such as the software, telecommunications and energy industries offer.

What Does Free Wireless Network Mean To Us?

  • publicly and anonymously accessible
  • non-commercial and uncensored
  • decentralized and in the possession of a community

The initial motivation to be part of a free wireless network is usually the need to provide or use free or low-cost access the internet. free wireless network activists believe in connecting without the restrictions of commercial providers in free networks.

Our Goals

  • Educating and creating awareness on the subject of communication and freedom of information
  • Reducing the digital divide
  • Unhindered distribution of knowledge and resources
  • Empowering people to build and operate their own networks
  • Promote and support existing and new social structures

We want to connect neighborhoods, villages and regions to counter the digital divide and build free, independent network structures, such as unlicensed community radio, broadcast of local events, private digital swap meets and shared of internet access.

Exchange in the free networks is not based on commercial interests, but on voluntary giving and taking by each and everyone on the network. This idea is drafted in the Pico-Peering Agreement.

Many smart people have organized themselves in free network projects, supporting and helping new campaigners to adapt the software for free.

A Global Movement

Many people are already active in free network projects around the world. The free network community is even more: it is part of a trend to establish open and free systems, in particular free software and free infrastructure. Many of us are involved in the IS4CWN (International Summit for community wireless networks) organizing events and workshops on free information infrastructures all around the world.

There are so many exciting tasks waiting for new contributors, your are always welcome.

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