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WCW 2017 and Battlemesh v10

Over the next week there will be two opportunities to meet wireless communities and Freifunker from Germany and all over the world. Don’t miss the chance to build networks outside of your own community.

Wireless Community Weekend (WCW)

The Wireless Community Weekend will follow the 13 years of tradition also in 2017 and take place in the c-base space station in Berlin. From the 26th to the 28th of May the Freifunk community will meet with their guests to create an unconference and hackathon.

How to WCW:

  • Add your nick/name and meal preferences to participants page
  • Add your session and timeslot to the timetable
  • Looking for accommodation or for offering a couch, use the accomodation page
  • Invite people that may be interested or you find interesting to meet
  • Use #ffwcw as hashtag on twitter to spread the event
  • Forward this mail also to other channels, groups
  • Add your endorsement here
  • Land around 12:00 at the space station
  • There is free coffee but no free beer* :p
  • Do only smoke outside the building
  • Get an eco, fair-trade Freifunk Hoodie or Tee close to the cost price
  • Donate food specialties** or EUR for the endless BBQ on site
  • Have fun and make new friends :))

Battlemesh v10

The first week of June in Vienna, there will be the tenth edition of the Wireless Battle of the Mesh (WBM). WBM is the most important international community-organized event that gathers all the activists of community networks around the Europe, and lately, also from outside Europe. During the event the developers of the most used open source routing protocols set-up a testbed and “battle” to understand which protocol performs better. It is a great chance for all the devels to debug, exchange ideas and improve their software, but it is also a great chance for all those interested in community networks to enter in contact with other people and exchange experiences.

freifunk endorses the event. People from freifunk will be at the WBM, and we invite everyone interested in community networks to join us in Vienna!

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One thought on “WCW 2017 and Battlemesh v10

  1. Jay Honeycutt

    I could not find any reference to USA activity?

    I would be interested in starting a mesh network in Bentonville, Arkansas (the home office of Walmart).

    Can you connect me or forward my information to others either (a) in this area or (b) anywhwere in the US that are allied with your platform?




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